Huntley Police Department

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General Information


  • Non-Emergency Phone Number:847-515-5311
  • Main Station Address: 10911 Main Street, Huntley IL 60142
  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Fax: 847-515-5370
  • Anonymous Tip Line: 847-515-5333
  • Get Nixle Alerts: Text 60142 to 888777

Visit the Huntley Police Department Website for other general information about the department.

Police Codes

Many police departments, including the Lake in the Hills Police Department, use the same set of "Ten Codes". When used over the radio, the number 10 followed by another number is a quick way for police to relay the following information. See standard police Ten Codes on Cop Radar Also included are police codes that are NOT 10 codes, which may also be heard over the air. Keep in mind this is just a general list, and individual departments may have unique ways of communicating:

Police CodeMeaning
OPOrder of Protection
10-0 G,P, or WGang, Predator, or Weapons

Department Structure

Shifts: The police department works in 12 hour shifts, 2 shifts each day from 6 AM to 6 PM for 1st shift, and 6 PM to 6 AM for 2nd shift.

While all police agencies utilize a differnt numbering scheme, the concept is usually similar: one number will usually indicate the shift (1, 2, or 3) another number or letter will indicate the patrol zone and/or the rank of the unit, such as patrol officer, sergeant, chief, etc.. For a full list of known Unit IDs in McHenry County, visit this page on Radio Reference.

Unit IDDescription
H580HHS Resource Officer
H621Patrol Area 1 Day Shift
H622Patrol Area 2 Day Shift
H623Patrol Area 3 Day Shift
H624Patrol Area 4 Day Shift
H721Patrol Area 1 Night Shift
H722Patrol Area 2 Night Shift
H723Patrol Area 3 Night Shift
H724Patrol Area 4 Night Shift
H761Community Service Day Shift
H762Community Service Night Shift
Huntley Police Department Map