Scanner Information

Frequency Information:

Huntley, Algonquin-LITH, and Crystal Lake Fire are part of the Starcom21 Statewide Illinois network, which spans across Illinois and some parts of Iowa. The technology uses a more well known digital system called Project 25. By being on Project 25, specifically Starcom21 tatewide Illinois, our departments can travel to any location in the state and their radios will still work not only with local dispatch, but also other agencies.

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McHenry County Control Frequency:851.7375 MHz
Huntley Fire Dispatch:1179
Huntley Fire Ops 1:1180
Huntley Fire Ops 2:1181 (Encrypted)
Algonquin-LITH Fire Dispatch:34107
Algonquin-LITH Fire Ops 1:34153
Algonquin-LITH Fire Ops 2:34154 (Encrypted)
Crystal Lake Fire Dispatch:34108
Crystal Lake Fire Ops 1:34155
Crystal Lake Fire Ops 2:34156 (Encrypted)
Huntley & LITH Police Dispatch:34103 (Encrypted)
Huntley & LITH Shared Events:34113
Lake in the Hills Local:34130
Huntley Local:34131
Woodstock Fire:154.13 MHz

Huntley, Algonquin-LITH, and Crystal Lake Fire are dispatched by SEECOM, a consolidated dispatch center located in Crystal Lake. SEECOM dispatches for 8 police departments, and 3 fire departments.

Device Information

Analog scanners and many early digital scanners do not work on this system as it is very complex. A P25 Phase II Simulcast compatible scanner is required for this system. The downside is that these scanners are very expensive (The Uniden SDS100 is $650). However, there is an affordable solution! Our scanner is provided by a $30 RTL-SDR which when paired with a computer, can show the computer the RF signals coming over the air. A program on the computer called OP25 then converts that signal from the control frequency, then handles tuning the RTL-SDR to the frequency required for our talk group at that moment in time. For more information on how to set this up for yourself, check out this guide. The setup certainly requires some technical knowledge and patience but it is possible!

Note: it is possible to utilize the free operating system, Ubuntu with out a dedicated computer by also using free virtualization technology such as VirtualBox. While this utilizes more resources from your personal computer, most mondern computers can handle it easily since Ubuntu Linux does not require many resources.

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